A celebration of disruptive women



As we considered the gender gap, we also considered “space” in how it defines us, confines us, and opens us to new possibilities. When we actively look for solutions to close the divide, we not only bring people together, but we also create new spaces for people to freely express themselves. In order to “make space”, we sometimes have to push boundaries that disrupt the status quo. So, in honour of International Women’s Day 2017, we invited a group of disruptive, intelligent, and creative women to share their experiences on making space. Finding a place for women in competitive fields, mentorship and making space for other women, and creating a more inclusive world were all part of our discussion and how we intend to work towards closing the gap for good. 

Make Space hosted 150 people and eight panelists for an evening of storytelling, powerful performances and unique dialogue. With the success of the first sold-out event, we’re kicking off a series of Make Space productions to continue these important conversations and make space for people to thrive in a diversity of industries. 

Interested in sponsoring? We’d love to discuss how we can integrate your brand into the Make Space series. 

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