Live Streaming

"63% of people ages 18-34 watch live-streaming content regularly."

We’ve been called Toronto’s ‘go-to’ live streaming company because our broadcast-quality live streaming services go beyond traditional expectations.


HD & 4K Streaming
Your live stream will look as professional as a Televised broadcast special. What makes us stand out? We are live event producers who understand the pain points that come with live capture and know exactly what is necessary to execute a high quality and engaging livestream. 

Engaging Content
Rather than set up 2 cameras and hit ‘go’, we take the time to work with you to create an engaging experience for at home viewers. Be it through cutaway content, behind the scene moments, or interactive Q&A’s with the live stream host - we find the best way to engage your audience and make them feel like they’re in the room with you!

Packaged Content
The live stream can serve many purposes. Let us record and save the content to create additional marketing materials like a promo reel, teaser content and soundbites! Get more from your investment.

PS: We can live stream in 360!



See our live streaming work in action here.