Is that... what I think it is? #AssumptionsCanBeDeadly

Pancreatic Cancer Canada had two goals for November 2017: raise awareness about pancreatic cancer and drive donations. How? Provocative, attention-grabbing content that would entice audiences to take a closer look and learn the facts about this deadly disease. Under the theme of #AssumptionsCanBeDeadly, the campaign raised public knowledge of the commonly overlooked symptoms of pancreatic cancer while highlighting low survival rates and the need to fund research. Ranked as the second deadliest cancer in Canada, the campaign successfully sparked conversation across the country. 

From Facebook ads to organic dialogue, our team devised a digital strategy that captured the influx of new visits to each channel, while growing followings, driving web traffic, and facilitating meaningful engagement. Our strategy also included a multi-channel community management plan that reinforced the campaign.

Nordest continues to manage Pancreatic Cancer Canada's social media media channels and strategy. 


Campaign Strategy
Content Creation
Digital Advertising Management (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
Community & Content Management


Reaching millions of people around the world, the campaign generated discussion and interest on social media. We even had comedian Gerry Dee and singer-songwriter Bif Naked join the conversation. 

  • 155 organic posts published across FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

  • We made 3.8 million impressions on Facebook2 million on Twitter and 649,892 on Instagram

  • Engaged 10,786 people across all three platforms

  • Generated 8,468 website clicks to the donations page 


Below is an organic post that we created listing celebrities who passed away with their respective ages. The community responded by sharing their own personal stories in a similar format.

Our Post

Our Post

Community Replies

Community Replies