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The National Ballet of Canada



The national ballet of canada: Capturing, directing, and showcasing dance.


In addition to their role as Canada’s premier dance company, The National Ballet of Canada is a passionate community partner with programs like YOU dance that introduce local children to the world of dance through free workshops and performances. Utilizing our extensive experience in the live production and webcasting space, we provided viewers from across the country with an insider's look into what it’s like to dance with the National Ballet of Canada


Producing and Directing
Webcast Production
Creative Direction
Social Media Management


YOU dance live stream reaches more than 12,000 students across Canada
YOU dance introductory video produced, designed, and directed by Nordest

World Ballet Day 2016 live stream produced, filmed, designed, and directed by Nordest 

#WorldBalletDay Social Campaign Management & Execution 

  • Nordest led a month-long social media campaign strategy that engaged multiple platforms and audiences
  • @NationalBallet's Facebook Page received more than 10,000 new likes in the week leading up to World Ballet Day 
  • #WorldBalletDay became a trending topic in Toronto on October 4 (World Ballet Day) during the National Ballet's livestream
  • The Facebook live teaser received 26, 948 views (Nordest supported in ideation, direction, and execution)