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live streaming+

Live Streaming


Enhancing your event from the top-down, Nordest connects the dots to produce, direct, and edit your event and content. The + means we do more than simply stream your content. To maximize reach, we will couple your streaming plan with a comprehensive social media strategy – providing your community a meaningful and connected experience that they’ll never forget.


Dynamic Productions

Live streaming allows you to seamlessly integrate your event with insider access like never before. Create a dynamic event that includes additional content and cross-platform promotion, including exclusive interviews or back-stage access. Your audience will get to live the VIP experience from home.

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Social Media Planning

Through strategy, messaging, copywriting, engagement,  and advertising, we'll enhance your live stream with our comprehensive social media action plan to maximize viewership for your stream and spark loyalty with followers.


New technology means new ways to engage with your community. Nordest uses the latest VR technology like the Nokia OZO Camera to engage viewers using 3D stereoscopic video and 3D spatial audio to create a truly unique and fully immersive video experience. We can capture your event in 360 and stream it LIVE.

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Event Management

We're here to support your event from start to finish. We have 15+ years of experience in producing and managing large to small-scale events. We'll ensure your event runs as smoothly and professionally as the live stream.


The National Ballet of CanadA
World Ballet Day

Live Streamingcompletely changed the way viewers interacted with The National Ballet of Canada's multi-city event World Ballet Day. Cross-platform integration via social, backstage access, and day-of HD web streaming all came together to build a must-see cultural event.

International Live Stream

High-definition live stream produced by our talented team opened the doors for new fans across the globe, breaking barriers, highlighting Toronto’s National Ballet Company and expanding World Ballet Day's audience.

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Ballet 4.png
Ballet 5.png

Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Exclusive access to the cast and crew, integrated seamlessly during the live stream with our highly professional videographers, editors, and production team.

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Multi-Platform Social Strategy

Execution of a national social media campaign, achieving trending status in Toronto, over 10,000+ page likes, and utilizing advanced social media analytic tools to engage with influencers and fans personally.